The Soft Care Tex Wipes Moisturize and Prevent Skin Irritation

While hand-sanitizing wipes make for a convenient and easy way to kill germs on your hands, their frequent use can cause skin irritation. Diversey Care's Soft Care Tex wipes are designed to combat this problem by making use of high moisturizer content to prevent discomfort.

These hand-sanitizing wipes are impregnated with an ethanol-based disinfectant that obliterates harmful bacteria. Preservatives enable the wipes to stay fresh for a long time, while the sealed packaging ensures that the wipes are optimally moist and effective at all times. The dispenser is also designed to prevent cross-contamination.

The Soft Care Tex hand sanitizing wipes are perfect for locations where hand washing basins are not easily accessible, such as hospitals, offices, retail stores and food service stations.