From Shopping Survey Tablets to Waste-Free Grocer Concepts

 - Jul 3, 2015
These ingenious grocery store innovations are gradually turning a boring weekly task into an immersive retail experience. Whether you have noticed or not, many supermarket chains have begun experimenting with new technology and innovative retail designs in order to enhance your grocery shopping experience. From high-tech checkouts to interactive food displays, many grocers have sought to bring their stores into the modern era.

Once of the most interesting grocery store innovations has been the rise of niche and consumer-specific stores. Grocers have recognized that consumers are becoming more and more specific about the kinds of foods they are buying, meaning they don't necessarily need to visit an expansive mega-store. Some examples of niche grocery outlets include bulk-food chains, small-batch supermarkets, children's grocery shops and even Millennial-centric grocery stores.

For those grocery chains that continue to cater to a more wide variety of customers, there are a number of innovations that are currently being used to enhance the retail experience. App-enabled services have become a popular way for supermarkets to connect with customers both inside and outside of the store. By helping consumers spot discounts, avoid spoiled produce and even check out their own purchases, these technological advances are changing the way we shop for our food.