This Gourmet Supermarket Design Takes Shoppers on a Culinary Journey

 - Apr 27, 2015
This gourmet supermarket design definitely blurs the line between a farm fresh marketplace and grocery retail. The Carrefour Gourmet Market in Milan is a modern marvel that features a cheese showroom, wine tasting department, salumi counter and much more.

Designed by Interstore Design and Schweitzerproject, Carrefour is sure to influence the future of gourmet supermarket design based on its dedication to creating a replica of the fresh market experience. By bringing in culinary experts in all regards, the grocery store goes above and beyond the grocery retail experience and infuses it with a sense of authenticity that is likely very rare in a corporate retail setting.

The Carrefour Gourmet Market in Milan is an excellent example of retailers providing immersive, educational in-store experiences that build on the consumers' relationship with the product.