These Retail Examples Create Positive Shopping Experiences

 - Feb 25, 2016
As many modern retailers have come to realize, shaping positive shopping experiences is more than just about convenience, customer service and providing an expansive product assortment. Today's consumers are looking for more from retail environments in ways that will help them interact with their favorite brands, connect with a community of other like-minded shoppers and feel inspired to grow.

In return, retailers are creating these meaningful experiences by offering more personalization, spaces for community gatherings and displays that inspire and uplift. For instance, Unilever UK's Simple pop-up allowed visitors to pay for items with acts of kindness, while IKEA installed an in-store Motivational Mirror that gave out compliments to shoppers.

Rather than simply serving as a place for consumers to purchase a product that will improve one aspect of their lives, many retailers are now making an effort to touch upon self-improvement in other areas. A great example of this is ETHOS' hybrid fitness studio, which features a diagnostic center and a cafe bar full of nutritious food and drinks that all work in tandem to create an atmosphere that's pleasureful, yet purpose-driven.