The Fragrance Lab by Selfridges Perfectly Matches You to a Perfume

 - May 3, 2014
References: selfridges & retail-week
Selfridges' Fragrance Lab takes shoppers through a multi-sensory journey, aiming to help them discover a personal scent and in the process, help Selfridges better understand its consumers' behaviors, character and motivations.

The experience begins with a personality quiz on an iPad, asking for information like a customer's name, age, shopping habits and interests. From there, the experience guides shoppers through a series of rooms in the Fragrance Lab with audio, ultimately leading to a location where people can speak to a Selfridges team member to further whittle down some options and try on some fragrances suggested just for them.

The Fragrance Lab is part of Selfridges' Beauty Project, which started on May 1st as a six-week campaign that will include a variety of events, discussions and experiments like this one on the topic of beauty.