From Single-Source Men's Cosmetics to Seafaring Shaving Kits

 - Nov 23, 2015
In the past decade, men's grooming gifts and products have gone mainstream with dedicated lines from established beauty brands as well as unexpected expansions from companies not previously in the cosmetics realm.

The Cowshed Bollocks line is the dedicated men's range from the Soho House skincare range. Inspired by the birthplace of the Cowshed, the original Cowshed spa in Somerset, the Cowshed Bollocks range offers an all-natural take on the needs of male skin.

One great example of such an expansion is Carlsberg's recently announced range of men's shampoos and beard products. Formulated with freeze-dried beer, the Carlsberg grooming range benefits from the antioxidants and antibacterial acid, as well as the aromas and oils of the yeast and barley, to make an intriguing experimental product.