Harry's Truman & Winston Sets Have Handsome Spotless Packaging

 - Oct 4, 2013
References: harrys & thedieline
It's really quite fitting that Harry's Truman & Winston shaving kits should have such clean-cut packaging. Many brands try and play up a masculine image with dark colors and bold designs, but the technique used by the Harry's designers for this collection of facial hair maintenance products has much stronger and relevant symbolism.

The boxes and tubes are left pure white for a "clean-shaven" appearance. The text is kept to a minimum and printed in a plain and structured typeface to limit the possibility of visual clutter; the woolly mammoth emblem on the razor blade cartons is simplified as well. On the tube of shaving cream, a lone letter H is featured, followed by an apostrophe. Harry's Truman & Winston sets would certainly appeal to all modern men, but especially those who prefer to be stubble-free.