From Simple Skincare Packaging to Minimalist Skincare Kits

 - May 11, 2015
In an age where everyone seems to be a part-time beauty expert, minimalist beauty branding and packaging is a seamless way for cosmetics brands to differentiate themselves from the competition with streamlined, simplified designs. Whether the brand in question is a unisex hair care line aiming to challenge the gender classification of cosmetics or a portable beauty line communicating simplicity and efficiency through clean packaging, there are plenty of examples of brands using minimalist visuals to champion their values.

Minimalist beauty branding and packaging can be characterized by striped down designs that are free of frills or a monochrome scheme that is less overwhelming that what consumers are used to seeing. In a time when we are introduced to dozens of new products and cosmetics concepts every day, simplistic, understated branding lets the product or service speak for itself and exude an atmosphere of clarity.