These Fun Soap Bars by Stitch Bears Milk are Decadent

Stitch Bears Milk Soap makes fun soap bar designs that take the shapes of popsicles, making them a real treat to use. The soaps are made from New Zealand goat's milk, which has been infused with essential oils to further soothe the skin.

The soaps are ideal for kids and babies, especially since they are so natural and gentle, reducing itchiness and providing moisture to delicate skin. The soaps come in a variety of yummy-sounding scents, including goat milk that's been paired with decadent ingredients like avocado, calendula, camellia and golden jojoba. The packaging for these Stitch Bears products are packaged just like real popsicles, in tiny creamy white boxes with charming building block-inspired elements that would serve as perfect gifts for a new or expecting parent.