From Autumnal Antioxidant Scrubs to DIY Soothing Skin Treatments

 - Dec 29, 2015
Whether you are turning to DIY cosmetics for budget friendly options or in an effort to stay away from harmful chemicals, these homemade beauty products offer a more natural approach to skin care, hair maintenance and more.

Exfoliating the skin gets rid of dead skin for a radiant appearance. Many turn to edible ingredients in their treatments, including pumpkin, chai tea, cranberries and coffee. This can also give the homemade beauty products a seasonal flair depending. Using food in such DIY projects ensures the products are not containing anything that would be harmful to the body. However, it does mean they must be used up in a timely manner to avoid spoiling.

Roses are another popular additive, which has soothing effects and a floral scent. This includes everything from hydrating face toners to perfumes.

Aside from skin care, at-home solutions can be found for other beauty problems like eyebrow growth and hair scents.