The DIY Aftershave is a Great Gift for Father's Day

 - Jun 13, 2013
References: savvysugar
The DIY Aftershave is a step up from all of the homemade crafts children would make to show their love for their dad's on Father's Day. Since the best gifts are often the most thoughtful ones, creating a signature scent for one's beloved parent is a sweet gesture that both parties will enjoy.

Created by Sarah Lipoff of Savvy Sugar, the DIY Aftershave is eco-friendly and budget-conscious as well. It is made using leftover ingredients, the two key ones being orange peels and rum. If a person repurposes an old glass bottle to boot, the DIY Aftershave will especially appeal to organic-living, environmentally conscious individuals.

To make the DIY Aftershave, simply place all of the ingredients in order into a heated saucepan for an hour to allow the scents to infuse.