James Frizelle's Pop-Up Showroom Entices Women Into Buying Cars

What better way to entice busy urban women to buy cars than to set up pop-up showrooms in shopping centers? That was the thinking of Jaimes Frizelle's Automotive Group, which set up an Audi showroom at the Westfield Carindale shopping center just east of Brisbane in Australia.

The pop-up showroom caters to women who feel out of place in traditional car dealerships. The showroom aims to offer a less threatening and confronting space for women to consider and purchase the car of their choice.

The pop-up showroom is just the latest of many measures taken by James Frizelle's to target women-buyers, including setting up women-only positions on its sales floor.

The showroom also follows similar measures in the US and UK designed to better cater to women car-buyers.