From Electric Automotive Tours to Hydrogen Supercar Concepts

 - Apr 26, 2016
These auto brand CSR innovations are changing the face of luxury and are reflective of brands' desire to connect on a deeper level with their core audience. In an age of heightened social responsibility, car companies are aligning themselves with important causes that resonate with their target demographic. Standouts include Chevrolet's safety-focused dashboard system that is specifically designed for teen drivers. Targeting worried parents, the company aligns itself with a cause that is dear to consumers' hearts -- the safety of their children.

Other standouts include Mini Cooper's 'Defy Labels' ad that aired during Superbowl 2016. The empowering commercial features celebrities like tennis star Serena Williams who is known for her feminist activism and perseverance as a minority in a predominantly Caucasian sport. Additionally, examples like James Frizelle's pop-up car dealership zones in on female auto enthusiasts and promotes empowerment in a male-dominated industry.

Next to a myriad of environmentally conscious examples, more auto brand CSR innovations include Honda's 'Road Readers' app that is specially designed to keep kids busy while parents are behind the wheel. In addition to its gamified interface, this branded platform promotes the literacy cause and is an educational app that features a library of both written and audio books for children.