The Rockar Hyundai Store Boasts a Digitally Enhanced Sales Concept

 - Dec 30, 2015
A second Rockar Hyundai store recently opened at the Westfield Mall in London's Stratford following a highly successful introduction of the tech-powered retail concept in Kent. The interactive car-shopping experience is a revolution in car sales concepts, taking inspiration from engaging in-store experiences offered by brands like Apple and Nike.

The Rockar Hyundai store is taking a new approach to how its staffing its stores, with friendly and knowledgeable brand "Angels" trained to guide consumers through the process of exploring the cars features, rather than having salespeople working on commission.

This unique concept from Hyundai puts the emphasis on product education and tech-powered interaction. By offering the combination of brand representatives offering information and a variety of gadgets, the Rockar Hyundai concept delivers customization while empowering consumers with comprehensive education.