From Supercar Training Programs to Complimentary Car Charging

 - Mar 17, 2016
In order to combat the rise in "faux car ownership" that's been spurred on by rentals, ridesharing and other facets of the sharing economy, car manufacturers are making a point to extend exclusive ownership services to those who buy or lease their vehicles.

While Chevrolet and Aston Martin are examples of brands that offer perks to enhance a driver's experience with a product on the road, Lexus and Lincoln Black are a few that offer something completely different with sophisticated lifestyle experiences centered around food and wine.

In order to make perks easily accessible to all customers, Ford introduced a system called 'FordPass' that gives drivers the chance to tap into concierge services, GPS navigators and more. This increases positive brand-to-consumer experiences, simply by offering a better way for the two to interact.