The High Performance Driving Program Teaches Lexus Owners New Skills

 - Mar 15, 2016
References: lexus
Lexus currently offers a unique perk called the High Performance Driving Program, which teaches Lexus owners how to use their vehicle. While many car companies emphasize what their cars can do, they don't actually show consumers how to to unlock their vehicle's full performance capabilities. This program helps Lexus owners discover just what their car can do through an instructional course.

The High Performance Driving Program is a special course that helps Lexus owners discover what their vehicle is capable of in a safe, yet performance-based environment. The program includes three courses titled Slalom, Collision Avoidance and Dynamic Cornering. As part of each course, Lexus owners will begin with a classroom session led by a team of seasoned professionals. The drivers will then have a chance to put theory into practice by testing their skills on the track. By the end, Lexus Owners will have new skills that will help them unlock the full performance capabilities of their vehicle.

The unique promotion is designed to help Lexus owners get more out of their vehicle by making them better drivers.