From Hybrid Plug-In Sedans to Culinary Car Owner Perks

 - Apr 23, 2016
The April 2016 auto trends reveal an ongoing interest in eco-friendly vehicles, as well as a new demand for exclusive ownership perks. This means that consumers are not only putting thought into the kind of car they want to drive, but also the benefits that come with owning a particular vehicle.

Although electric and hybrid vehicles are nothing new, the April 2016 auto trends reveal ongoing interest in the technology. For example, Toyota's new plug-in Prius Prime boasts vast improvements over previous models. BMW also debuted its new 330e iPerformance, which combines the best of both gasoline and electric drivetrains.

However, consumers are not only thinking about the kind of vehicle they are buying. Instead they are taking into consideration the perks that come with owning different types of vehicles before deciding which brand to purchase. Some examples of these ownership perks include access to high-end restaurants, racetrack driving experiences and exclusive hotel reservations.