The StrikeDRIVE EZTIP is a Powerful Reversible Micro USB Car Charger

 - Mar 19, 2016
References: scosche
The strikeDRIVE EZTIP is an incredibly powerful reversible micro USB car charger, offered by SCOSCHE, that is the first ever product of its kind.

This device is a 12-watt 2.4 Amp car charger that is equipped with a reversible micro USB connector, making it capable of working with smartphones, tablets and all other micro USB-powered devices in any way. The charger features an unobtrusive design that enables it to sit flush and staying out your way, with its three-foot coiled cable designed to steer clear of ungainly tangles.

Ultimately, this micro USB car charger isn't just a convenience but a safety product in that it minimizes distraction that can be caused by fumbling with regular micro USB cables while driving.