'Auto Craver' Improves the Process of Buying and Selling Cars

 - Mar 10, 2016
References: autocraver & vulcanpost
As it stands, it's not easy for people interested in buying and selling cars to get the best deal possible when dealerships insert themselves into the process. Malaysia's Auto Craver is a start-up that recognizes this and hopes to change the role that dealerships play in the process, which usually involves purchasing a vehicle for a low cost and then selling it with a high markup.

Auto Craver plans to disrupt this process by providing a service that offers greater transparency for buyers and sellers. The platform only allows the sales of privately owned cars and if a driver is not able to sell their vehicle within the span of 30 days, Auto Craver will purchase it and advertise the car sale itself, but let the seller keep their car until a suitable new owner is found.