From Virtual Debit Card Apps to Fresh Supermarket Makeovers

 - Apr 24, 2016
These April 2016 business ideas range from fresh supermarket makeovers to virtual debit card apps that make on-the-go transactions more seamless than ever before. When examining new business concepts in the food and beverage realm, standouts include air-purifying coffee carts that promote convenience and sustainability while offering an artisanal product range. Other notable examples like Millennial-minded restaurants and dedicated discount markets target a younger demographic of foodies who are seeking sensory dining experiences while sticking to a tight budget.

When looking at the month's web-based innovations, these April 2016 business ideas include beauty bartering platforms and outsourced shopping apps that follow a peer-to-peer business model. Additional standouts range from gamified athletic shops to lifestyle-focused clothing stoes that appeal to niche demographics. These particular retail concepts promote memorable shopping experiences while catering to the specific interests of different audiences.