Two French Cafes Raise the Prices for "Barbaric" Customers

 - Mar 19, 2016
References: grubstreet
The service industry is often painted as a tough one to be in -- just watch Waiters starring Ryan Reynolds for a hyperbolic representation of it. Two French cafes are hoping to change the tides by charging rude customers more than polite ones. Although there are ways in which businesses have been able to penalize such patrons in the past, a formalized way to do so has never truly been explored -- until now.

One of the French cafes determines its raised prices by levels of barbaric-ness while the other one focuses on more levels. Grub Street writes, "It's €7 if the customer declares, 'Coffee.' But that same cup drops to €4.25 if the person says, 'A coffee, please,' and then to a quite reasonable €1.40 if ordered with a 'Hello, a coffee, please.'"