This Company Helps Gyms Give Their Facilities a High-Tech Upgrade

 - Mar 21, 2016
References: & techcrunch
'eGym' is a Munich-based startup that helps gym operators give their facilities a high-tech upgrade by providing them with cloud-connected gym equipment. While gyms have become more accessible to consumers over the years, many still lack data-tracking technology that could be used to improve the customer experience. As a result, this company is helping gyms attract and maintain more customers by providing them with tech-integrated equipment.

eGym specializes in producing cloud-connected gym equipment that can be used with its accompanying app. The app can be used by both trainers and gym goers to receive personalized fitness instructions. The app also collects data that help the user track their progress in real time. This is particularly appealing for consumers who are looking for a more tangible way to track their progress and log their long-term fitness goals. In turn, this helps reduce demotivation and ensures that gym operators are able to reduce customer churn.