The Langham Hotel Serves Drinks Decorated With Foam Artwork

 - Mar 11, 2016
References: blouinartinfo & eater
The Artesian lounge located at the Langham Hotel in Hong Kong offers an artistic take on cocktail presentation with beverages featuring foam artwork inspired by famed artists such as Salvador Dali and Vincent Van Gogh. Each of the cocktails include edible versions of several of the paintings by the artists designed directly onto the foam. The illustrations capture the essence and persona of the creatives and add an element of whimsy and artistry to the presentation of the beverage.

The drinks are designed by Rajendra Limbu and come in a set of three. Each beverage is made with a layer of egg white foam overtop that is carefully suspended to act as a drawing canvas. Delicate paint brush strokes made with edible food coloring are used to replicate the art styles of cubism, surrealism and impressionism.