The WeWork WeLive Space is a Converted 20 Storey office Building

 - Mar 15, 2016
References: wework & fastcompany
The WeWork WeLive space is an experiment that can revolutionize the way people think of living -- alone or together. Although communal living is not a new concept, it's not one often seen in big metropolises. The WeWork WeLive experiment starts with New York city, in Manhattan's Financial District near the New York Stock Exchange specifically.

It takes over an entire 20 storey office building, converting each room into a liveable space complete with rec rooms, laundry, kitchens and more. "We’re not just going to give them the best price, which we will," says WeWork CEO Adam Neumann. "And we’re not going to just give them flexibility, which we will. But we’re going to give them a social layer of community that has never existed before."