This Taka Sushi is Located Within a Mall in Australia

 - Mar 4, 2016
Taka Sushi is a rustic quick service sushi kiosk located within a shopping center in Tuggerah, Australia. Boasting beautiful lighting scheme that makes the kiosk appear to glow, Taka Sushi also features two stations that are designed to encourage interaction between patrons and employees, particular between diners and the chef.

Designed by Span Design, the succeeds in bringing a decidedly wholesome concept inspired by the outdoors inside. By recalling imagery related to Japanese architecture and minimalism, the sushi kiosk boasts a harmonious design centered around the natural feel of the unvarnished wood as the main material, while the expert craftsmanship instills trust in the consumer regarding the quality of the product. Overall, the sushi kiosk is definitely a great fast meal option.