- Aug 15, 2017
These produce-based retail concepts range from vegan butcher shops to boutique grocers that specialize in premium and health-conscious offerings. Notable examples in the supermarket realm include Whole Foods' Bryant Park store location, which is home to a produce butcher -- an unexpected and meatless version of the popular grocery store staple. Similarly, Tokyo's 'Vegeo Vegeo' is a "greengrocer" that marries sleek branding with shelves that are stocked with organic products.

Other notable examples include in-store juice bars like Whole Foods' DIY Juicero activation -- a kiosk where consumers can create DIY fresh juice blends -- along with fast food salad shop concepts like KFC's K Pro, a remixed, and low calorie take on the food industry giant's more indulgent menu.

From Elegant Food Waste Eateries to Designer Produce Shops: