This Danish Supermarket Only Sells Expired Food

 - Feb 25, 2016
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A Danish non-profit group called 'Folkekirkens Nodhjaelp' recently opened a supermarket that only sells expired food. In recent years, there have been many campaigns to reduce food waste and conserve surplus products. Now there is a grocery store where consumers can purchase all of the food that would otherwise go to waste.

'WeFood' is a Danish grocery that sells expired food and other items that would have been tossed due to damaged packaging. Because the food is past its official expiration date, prices for each item are up to 50 percent less than they would be at a traditional grocery store. The goal of WeFood is to make use of surplus food and ultimately cut down on the 700,000 metric tons of food thrown out each day in Denmark.

The surplus supermarket demonstrates one way that retailers are working to reduce the amount of food that ends up in the trash each and every day.