The Alfa Romeo AW30 Operates on Wind and an Aerodynamic Design

 - Mar 7, 2016
References: & yankodesign
Designer and auto enthusiast Olcay Tuncay put together a race car design that creatively operates on wind-power, making use of the vehicles aerodynamic design. This is especially useful in the context of racing in events such as the Grand Prix when strong winds can work against a car's speed. The Alfa Romeo AW30 cleverly converts the power of the winds into an energy source that powers the vehicle and allows it to reach unmatched speeds.

The engine located inside the Alfa Romeo AW30 features a solar-powered battery design that is used as the main power source for the environmentally friendly race car, until a strong wind comes along. Then the wind is collected inside channels located throughout the car's body and used to power the motor up to 284-horsepower.