From Green Streetlamp Designs to Energy-Generating Kites

 - May 27, 2016
While solar power has received a significant amount of attention for its capabilities as a viable source of renewable energy, there are a number of wind-powered projects that are proving to be just as innovative. Whether it is an singular device or a large-scale structure, wind power can be used to fuel projects of many different sizes.

For consumers looking for small ways to incorporate wind power into their daily life, there are a number of project that are fueled by the renewable energy source. For instance, the Binopterus is a personal wind turbine that helps consumers rely less on the electrical grid for power. Another example is a micro dwelling called the Ecocapsule, which relies on a combination of wind and solar power to run the appliances inside.

On a larger level, wind power is also being used to provide entire communities with a new source of energy. Unlike the wind turbines that have become common place in the countryside, these new wind-powered projects are located in unique places such as rooftops, bridges and even the inside the Eiffel Tower.