Meteor Power and KWSP Created an Ultra-Compact Hybrid Engine

 - Mar 22, 2016
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In order to make the most of 3D printing technology, Meteor Power and 3D printing specialist KWSP teamed up in order to create an ultra-small hybrid motorcycle engine.

In comparison to typical motorcycle engines, engine manufacturer Meteor Power's concept design is half the size and half the weight, with twice the power density. In order to help potential investors realize the potential in this idea, a prototype was mocked up using 3D printing for display purposes. The finished prototype features incredible detail and as a whole, serves as a great conversation piece with potential business partners.

Knowing some of the advantages of 3D-printing, key players in the automotive industry have been quick to create everything from 3D-printed car bodies to tires and transmissions. In the future, 3D-printed automotive parts could change not only the manufacturing process, but also the form of cars entirely.