From Droplet Digital Cameras to Smart Hydration Bottles

 - Apr 24, 2016
Duct tape, craft printers and stress balls are a few of the unassuming objects from the top April 2016 tech ideas that received high-tech makeovers.

Wearables like sneakers are able to tie themselves, as well as relay information about the weather. Other garments are becoming smarter too—there are now t-shirts that come to life with augmented reality and GIF pin brooches that are just as lively. As the Internet of Things expands, it's also ushering in many inventive products for home, office and personal use.

Not long ago, Apple announced notable advances to its growing product family with the iPhone SE and iPad Pro. As mobile devices become more powerful, they are being further enhanced with attachments, accessories and add-one to improve their capabilities all the more.