These Facial Tattoos are Made Using Projection, Graphics and Tracking Tech

 - Mar 11, 2016
References: & thecreatorsproject.vice
Intel recently teamed up with Japanese creative Nobumichi Asai to create a form of 3D makeup that is achieved by implementing temporary facial tattoos onto the face using projection, digital graphics and tracking technology. The graphics are displayed onto the face through recognition software that maps the model's facial features and is then able to expertly project the images onto the skin, as if it was a canvas. The end result is a series of colorful illustrations rendered onto the skin without the use of any cosmetic products that can also be seamlessly interchanged to create animated makeup.

The software functions by analyzing the model's face and understanding where the contours of the face lie in areas such as the nose, mouth and chin. From there the software is able to apply graphic illustrations onto the face through mapping and having the images perfectly line up -- even as the model moves.