These Researchers Have Designed Tape Embedded with Electrical Circuits

Researchers at MIT Media Lab’s Responsive Environments recently developed a form of high-tech duct tape that may revolutionize how consumers carry out DIY projects. While the rise of maker culture has led to the creation of many DIY electronics, those without basic programming skills are often unable to explore their ideas. This tape comes with basic circuitry already built into it, thereby eliminating the need for advanced technical skills.

The high-tech duct tape developed by the MIT team is called 'SensorTape' and it consists of electrical circuitry printed onto a roll of malleable tape. These circuits can be cut, shaped and attached in many different ways, making them ideal for DIY projects. To ensure that users do not damage the circuitry, there are clear lines printed on the tape that indicate exactly where to make cuts.

The tape could change the face of maker culture by giving consumers an easy way to incorporate basic circuitry into their projects.