The 'Enomad' Hydroelectric Generator is Small Enough for a Backpack

 - Mar 14, 2016
References: energynomad & gizmag
Designed to transform the force of moving water into electric energy, the 'Enomad' is a hydroelectric generator that's small enough to be carried in a backpack.

Looking like a thermos when collapsed, the 'Enomad' opens and unfolds into a generator that could be utilized by outdoors enthusiasts to charge gadgets. The 'Enomad' features a built-in battery pack that would take about two hours to charge when immersed in flowing water. The battery would hold enough electricity to charge an iPhone 6 two times.

Set to make a Kickstarter debut in July of this year, the 'Enomad' hydroelectric generator marks a movement towards more sustainable forms of energy. As consumers seek out easy ways to be greener, we'll likely see more innovations of this variety popping up.