The Whill Model M Design is Approved by the FDA

 - Mar 23, 2016
References: & techcrunch
The world is moving ever closer to a generation that might actually see something resembling X-Men's Xavier's hovering wheelchair. The Whill Model M is a motorized wheelchair that not only looks very futuristic, but acts like it as well. Recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States, the Whill Model M will be able to be prescribed by physicians as a medical device and covered by insurance.

The predecessor to the Type-A, which it didn’t seek FDA approval for, the Whill Model M boasts "a patented wheel that allows users to make tighter turns in all directions, increasing their mobility and allowing them to maneuver easily on rough or sloping surfaces," reports Tech Crunch. This could make a vast difference in the limited movement of wheelchair-bound patients.