The ATMO SFERA Boasts a Simple, User-Friendly Design

 - Mar 25, 2016
References: kickstarter & uncrate
'ATMO SFERA' is a Kickstarter-funded turntable with a unique design that allows records to spin in the air flawlessly and smoothly. While record players have been around for quite some time, the basic design has remained relatively unchanged for the past century. Now there is a new type of turntable that provides a contemporary way to play vinyl records.

The ATMO SFERA is a futuristic turntable that boats a unique, platterless design. Unlike other record players, the ATMO SFERA is characterized by its low-torque motor and the absence of a traditional platter. The unique design allows the record to float in the air as it spins. This not only produces a clearer sound, but it also makes the record player easy enough for first-time record listeners to set up.