From Connected Car Tires to All-Terrain Auto Hardware

 - Nov 2, 2016
These futuristic tire concepts range from connected wheels to all-terrain auto hardware. Standouts include examples like the sensor-embedded Goodyear 'Intelligrip' tires which digitally connect to one's vehicle to ensure the safety of drivers. Similarly, Goodyear's 'Eagle-360' tire concept is designed to communicate with autonomous vehicles and uses magnetic technology to predict factors such as dangerous road conditions.

When looking at futuristic concept cars that feature non-traditional wheels and tires, examples to take note of include the luxe and streamlined Rolls-Royce Vision model along with a life-sized replica of toy manufacturer Tonka's 'Overland' SUV -- the real version of the popular toy boasts heavy duty 38" tires that are ideal for rough terrains.

Additional tire concept innovations range from Bridgestone's ECOPIA model which reduces carbon emissions along with Daniel Norée's 3d-printed racing tires which are designed for increased grip while traveling over snow or ice.