Bridgestone ECOPIA Tires Improve Fuel Economy and Decrease Carbon Output

 - Oct 10, 2015
References: bridgestone & damngeeky
Drivers can often forget that the tires they place on their vehicle have a direct correlation to how the vehicle will perform in terms of fuel economy and more, so to help aid the effort in India, Bridgestone ECOPIA Tires have been introduced as an eco-friendlier option when compared to other models on the market. Featuring the EP150, EP200 and EP850, Bridgestone ECOPIA Tires are purported to reduce rolling resistance by 25%, which could translate to a 7-10% increase in fuel economy.

Bridgestone ECOPIA Tires will be available in 26 different sizes to suit any make and model of vehicle. Specifically designed for the cars and roads of India, Bridgestone ECOPIA Tires are a step in the right direction for manufacturers and consumers alike.