The Goodyear BH03 Uses Heat to Recharge Hybrid and EV Batteries

 - Mar 16, 2015
References: goodyear & carbuzz
The Goodyear BH03 is a conceptual tire designed to generate electricity. The idea is that the tire can turn heat into energy, recharging a hybrid or electric car's battery simply by sitting in the sun or driving down the road. The tire would feature a layer of thermo/piezeoelectric material to capture and transfer heat. This gathering of energy wouldn't be enough to completely recharge a battery, but it would offer a nice little boost.

Since the shift to hybrid and electric cars, automakers have been looking for ways to boost battery life. KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) reclaim energy lost when braking and are already in use. The Goodyear BH03 could be the logical next step, turning tires into sources of energy that keep EVs and hybrids on the road longer.