- May 26, 2015
While cycling has rapidly become a popular mode of transportation, these futuristic electric bicycles combine the simplicity of traditional bike travel with the efficiency of an electric scooter. With sleek aesthetics and revolutionary smart technology, electric bikes offer a novel means of urban travel.

These state-of-the-art bicycles combine innovative technology and sleek designs to create the perfect eco-friendly alternatives to automotive transportation. Many of the new designs for sustainable electronic bikes have moved beyond traditional battery packs to explore new forms of technology such as hydrogen cells and air-filtration mechanisms to take full advantage of green technology.

In addition to the focus on more efficient eco-technology, newer electronic bikes also feature improved capabilities such as collapsable frames and wireless recharging capacity to better adapt to changing urban environments. Even the design of electric bikes themselves have been updated to include retro touches and streamlined features for a more athletically pleasing look overall.

Ranging from the ultra-luxurious to more affordable options, these futuristic electric bicycles are designed to offer speed and agility with minimal harm to the environment.

From All-Weather Eco Cycles to Cloud-Connected Concept Bikes: