Oto Cycles Perfectly Mix Old School Charm and Modern Engineering

 - Feb 5, 2014
References: otocycles & hiconsumption
Oto Cycles are a line of incredibly charming and vintage-looking electric bicycles that posses a lot of modern technology under the hood.

Handmade in Barcelona, Spain, Oto Cycles offer incredible customization from color, to tires, saddles, motor and battery, and ensure that no two Oto Cycle will be the same. Capable of reaching speeds of over 30 miles per hour, Oto Cycles will leave everyone behind in the dust scratching their heads as they wonder how such a retro looking bike can go so fast.

With the constant pervasiveness of technology in our lives, many find the 21st century void of any charm. This makes many people feel ambivalent about the future as they enjoy all the good modern technology has brought them, but feel nostalgic for the past. Oto Cycles perfectly blends nostalgic design sentiments and 21st century innovation into an elegant piece of machinery.