From Crocodile Skin Canteens to Handbag-Inspired Sneakers

 - Oct 8, 2015
Although fashion has mainly moved away from the full-on alligator handbags, crocodile skin pumps and snakeskin leather jackets of the 70s, reptilian styles are still alive and well, making their way into items from bicycles to sporting goods.

Subtler touches of snake and crocodile skin are favored, especially in tech accessories. For example, reptile leather appears in the bands of smartwatches and in glamorous smartphone cases.

Often, reptilian textures are given a color makeover, distancing them from the faux leather versions of yesteryear and making them appear more modern and avant-garde. Metallic snakeskin graces feminine sneakers and pure white crocodile skin is used in athletic unisex sandal patterns.

Snake and crocodile skin texture is also incorporated into totally unexpected places, like building facades and car paint, and is an enduring darling of the cosmetics industries, with advances in technology allowing for complex scaled eye shadow and nail polish patterns.