This School Canteen's Bricks are Arranged in Snakeskin Patterns

 - Sep 11, 2014
References: & archdaily
An elementary school in the city of Lille in France has a canteen covered with bricks that evoke snakeskin patterns. Designed by the D'Houndt & Bajart architectural practice, the unique layout of the canteen building seeks to activate children's imaginations and dreams.

The snakeskin patterns form a facade that is at once protective and welcoming, as it isolates the dining space from the street, allowing for a feeling of calm and privacy without an accompanying sense of seclusion or overprotection. The building is even home to a vegetable garden that will be used for educational purposes.

Aside from providing a high level of functionality, the building with its snakeskin patterns stand to become a visible and easily identifiable landmark for the Lille region. For increased aesthetic coherence, the building is designed to occupy a similar size and scale compared to neighboring buildings.