- Sep 28, 2014
The top September 2014 eco ideas demonstrate highly innovative advancements across a wide range of industries. Brands in all areas are pushing themselves more than ever to offer mass appeal to the eco-conscious consumer of today.

The cosmetic industry, a brand typically perceived as producing products riddled with chemicals and toxins, is now offering many items that satisfy the need of green consumers. The handmade vegan soaps from FormularyFiftyFive and the elemental eye makeup created for Chantecaille’s 15th anniversary allow consumers to indulge without guilt. The eye shadow not only takes inspiration from natural elements, but it is also infused with seaweed extract.

Noteworthy ideas from the month also include the mushroom-growing diapers, bottle deposit train tickets and can currency campaigns. Many brands are empowering consumers to interact with their brand and products in ways that promotes environmentalism.

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From Mushroom-Growing Diapers to Paper Animal Humidifiers: