The VV-Plane Will Be Able to Carry Massive Loads at High Speed

 - Aug 14, 2014
References: 4x4aviation & gizmag
UK-based 4x4 Aviation has developed an enormous hybrid cargo airplane that will be able to carry truck-sized loads of cargo at speeds of up to 320 km/h. Dubbed the Versatile Vehicle-Plane or VV-Plane, this aircraft aims to reduce transportation costs in developing countries by achieving a better cost-weight ratio than current vehicles. It will also be of benefit in countries where poor roads make it difficult to transport large goods over land.

This massive cargo airplane will be powered by sixteen electrically-powered ducted fans. It will be able to lift off vertically before tilting the fans to a horizontal position for forward movement. The vertical take-off capability will be a huge help in places lacking decent runways.

4x4 Aviation plans to display and fly a prototype-scale model of the VV-Plane on September 26.