From Glass-Bottomed Vacation Homes to Endless Summer Photography

 - Jan 1, 2015
While social media and the Internet make it easy to forget how big the world really is, travelers are harnessing the power of technology now more than ever to make excursions easier and more efficient. Hyper-connected devices like the Bluesmart carry-on bag, apps for finding travel buddies and tailored travel services turn time that would be spent planning into more time for sightseeing and activities.

Beyond offering little luxuries like wine or more room to spread out onboard an aircraft, over the past year airlines have been getting experimental with the services they offer. Some great examples of this include British Airways curating specific in-flight music and meal pairings, offering channels that feature nothing but pets to soothe passengers and introducing the Happiness Blanket to measure brainwaves and indicate a traveler's level of relaxation.

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