This Holy Men Photography Series is Hauntingly Intimate

 - May 3, 2014
References: lynzybilling & vice
Lynzy Billing's holy men photography series for VICE seeks to portray the real people behind the rigorous spiritual profession. Holiness and spirituality tend to produce mixed feelings of exaltation and anxiety, making it a heavy topic to breach.

Billing's biggest concern was how to authentically express the Sadhus as human beings, and her simple head shot format definitely did the trick. Free from any worldly context, the photos are an honest reflection of the separatist reality the Sadhus willingly endure.

In fact, the Sadhu spiritual practice is a rigorous test of human commitment that requires a disavowal of worldly attachments and luxuries. Though the rest of society may not fully understand the severe renunciation implicit in this way of life, we can most definitely admire the strength and perseverance it requires.