'Living on a Dollar a Day' Will Make You Think Twice

 - Apr 20, 2014
References: thomasnazario & dazeddigital
Writer Thomas Nazario and photographer Renée C. Byer have collaborated on 'Living On a Dollar a Day,' a project dedicated to the marginalized group of people often shoved under society's rug. Indeed, confronting poverty can be a tough pill to swallow; however, considering one sixth of the world's population currently lives below the poverty line, it's an issue that desperately needs to be addressed.

The pair journeyed through ten countries, photographing over 40 families who sustain their livelihood on a meager dollar a day. The results are devastating, heart-breaking and gut-wrenching.

Speaking with a desire to make a change, Nazario says, "I believe that we all must start thinking far more globally. We have to leave our lives of extreme consumption and many of the frivolous things that occupy our time, whether that’s spending hours on video games or buying things we don't need. We must all try to leave the world a little better for having been here."