From Homeless-helping Cafes to One-Stop Social Good Shops

 - Nov 19, 2015
These charity retail spaces will inspire social good organizations, as well as brands that have a few square feet of retail space to devote to a good cause.

One of the most novel stores is the Ethical Superstore, which boasts a clever name that communicates it offers bundles of fair trade and environmentally friendly products. While not all shops can be entirely devoted to charitable causes, STORY in New York City sets an example for other retailers by adopting every-changing themes. From time to time, this often includes an assortment of products connected to social good missions.

In order to encourage passersby to think about social good before they even have the chance to step inside a store, Cancer Research UK set up a unique storefront in the UK that allowed people to make contactless donations using only a phone and the front window display.