This Cafe Provides Jobs for Victims of Domestic Violence

 - Sep 11, 2015
References: highbridgecoldbrew & bustle
'High Ridge Cold Brew' is a New York coffee shop that provides jobs for victims of domestic violence. For those who escape abusive relationships, it can be incredibly difficult to start their lives over again. This cafe helps survivors make the transition to stable employment by providing employment opportunities and job training.

The cafe was founded by Diana Saliceti as a way to use a business enterprise for social good. Saliceti realized that meaningful employment is particularly empowering for domestic abuse survivors. While the business is still in its early stages, its goal is to provide jobs for victims and give them a steady source of income. Beyond offering steady employment, the cafe also provides training that will help these individuals cultivate meaningful skills.

The socially conscious coffee shop provides a unique way to help victims of domestic violence start over and regain their independence.